Brand riserva

Careful attention is paid into the Eroke collection in every step of the creative process. These steps can be resumed in simple points:

– Definition of guidelines, which are carried out in tune with fashion trends and the market demand. Based on these needs, the staff performs an accurate stylistic direction, paying particular attention to chromatic moods and volumetric measures to create a feminine and sought collection.

– A targeted selection of the most reliable suppliers in the textile sector, necessary to insert fabrics and accessories in the collection that will enrich each piece of collection, since they have been chosen based on their uniqueness and exclusivity.

– The executive development of the product is done in a domestic sewing that follows and interprets the creative needs of the office. Also, it carries out a research to realize modern women’s clothes that are cared in every single detail.

– Finally, there is the exclusive study done by the company’s graphic designers, which eventually characterizes the entire collection. In the personal interpreting of current trends the staff considers, evaluates ideas and subjects in order to realize drawings using executive advanced techniques.

It is at this stage the design research truly gives the thought of the brand: ideation and experimentation of materials that are tested simultaneously and transferred on the chosen fabrics that will realize the primary sample, that will satisfy the needs and taste of the client. 

The result of this teamwork is Eroke; eccentric and sophisticated, confident and saucy, colorful and sober, comfortable and feminine … in other words, a real woman!